GameIcon GC2
GC2 UIcon Volcano AAPC-D90 Volcano
GC2 Ingame Volcano
Assault APC
Faction GC2 Logo NSA Northern Star Alliance
Armament Genti GTT-30 heavy incinerator
Gessler M-9 flame cannon
Cost 750
Cargo space 3 cargo spaces
Transport slots 8 transport slots
Field characteristics
Hitpoints 350
Armor 50/20/10/0
Speed 12
Sight range 100
Damage 15-30 (50)

The AAPC-D90 Volcano is the assault APC of the Northern Star Alliance. The assault APC is the heavily armored transport vehicle equipped with a heavy flamethrower deadly to both infantry and light vehicles at close range. The Volcano can transport up to 8 infantry units or equipment.


The Assault APC is a massively armored tracked terradyne designed to carry 8 troopers into hot fire zones. It is heavily armored and can withstand several direct hits before being disabled. It is armed with the Genti GTT-30 heavy incinerator—a heavy flamethrower capable of melting both infantry and vehicles at very close range.

Secondary modeEdit

GC2 UIcon Volcano Secondary Firestorm
In secondary mode, the Volcano fires phosphorus grenades that shower the target location with quite a burning sensation.

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