GameIcon DC
GC Icon PM Air 1 AIN-2/B1 Wyvern
DC Ingame Wyvern
Fighter aerodyne
Faction DC Icon Phoenix Phoenix Mercenaries
Armor Resilient plasteel w/ kinetic repulsor field
Squad size 3 fighter aerodynes
Field characteristics
Firepower Great
Armor Good
Health Good
Speed Excellent
View range Good
Perception Very good
Tech level 4
Special abilities
Weapons DC Icon PM SW Particle Accel Particle accelerator
Equipment DC Icon PM SE Rocket Air Rocket

The AIN-2/B1 Wyvern is the fighter aerodyne of the Phoenix Mercenaries. The Phoenix fighter is built for air-to-air combat. It is fast and heavily armed, but is unable to attack ground units.


Phoenix fighter aerodynes are designed specifically for engaging enemy air units. It's sleek design and powerful repulsor fields allows it a radical range of movement and is built to withstand prolonged attacks. The fighter is meant to protect ground troops from fast-moving attack aerodynes. The fighter aerodyne is armed with rapid firing incendiary torpedoes that cover ground very quickly and demolish enemy fighters.

The fighter is as heavily armored as is possible, with thin sheets of resilient plasteel and a kinetic repulsor field, which redirects enemy fire. The fighter targeting system is without peer and doggedly tracks and predicts vectors for more accurate torpedo fire.


Special weaponsEdit

DC Icon PM SW Particle Accel Atmospheric particle accelerator
Damages all air units within its target area.

Special equipmentEdit

DC Icon PM SE Rocket Air Rocket
Similar to ground units rocket boost, the aerodyne has incredible speed for a short time with little actual control.

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The Phoenix Mercenaries faction is exclusive to Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy