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GC Icon CC Arty 3 APP-671 CAT Hog
GC Ingame Hog
Artillery terradyne
Faction GC Icon Crayven Crayven Corporation
Armament 155 mm howitzer
Armor Polysteel-20 armor
Squad size 1 artillery terradyne
Field characteristics
Firepower Fantastic
Armor Medium
Health Great
Speed Slow
View range Low
Tech level 4
Special abilities
Weapons GC Icon CC SW Hog Nuke Tactical nuclear shell
GC Icon CC SW Hog Jannice Jannice warhead
Equipment GC Icon CC SE Repair ADPP repair module
GC Icon CC SE Image Intensifier Image intensifier

The APP-671 CAT Hog is the artillery terradyne of the Crayven Corporation. The artillery terradyne fires ballistic artillery grenades. It works best when used with forward observing scouts. The artillery is heavily armored yet extremely slow. It cannot target airborne units.


The APP-671 HOG is a mobile artillery terradyne that fires ballistic artillery grenades. The HOG works best when used together with other units acting as forward observers, such as Jaegers or scout terradynes. The artillery unit can target the ground in order to suppress enemies or force them choose another route. Commanders must be careful when ordering an artillery strike as friendly units can be hit which can spell disaster during a combat mission. A crew of six soldiers mans the Hog, including the terradyne commander, making it the most crew demanding vehicles in the strike force.

The primary weapon of the HOG class artillery is a 155mm howitzer that with its fully automatic breech block and hydro-pneumatic recoil system allows a rate of fire of three rounds per second. It is very adept in taking out enemy buildings with its siege-like weapon. A unique cooling system consisting of five barrels rotate into place in order to avoid overheating problems during extreme combat situations. The heavy turret is extremely slow and it requires a few seconds to align its barrel to the designated target. It is hardly useful to fire the howitzer while moving.

The volatile warheads stored inside the HOG requires its heavy polysteel-20 armor plating to be extremely durable, but even with the powerful Zephrim SlugDrive its speed is limited to a slow crawl.


Special weaponsEdit

GC Icon CC SW Hog Nuke Tactical nuclear shell
The TacNuke is reserved for extreme conditions as it totally annihilates everything within its blast radius. 1 charge.
GC Icon CC SW Hog Jannice Jannice warhead
Extremely accurate computer guided artillery shells. 3 charges.

Special equipmentEdit

GC Icon CC SE Repair ADPP repair module
Repair module that allows simple repairs to armor plates and also includes several auxiliary backup systems. 3 charges.
GC Icon CC SE Image Intensifier Image intensifier
When activated, improves view range for limited amount of time. 3 charges.

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