GameIcon DC
GC Icon CC Power Armor CCPWR-7 Badger
DC Ingame Badger
Power armor
Faction GC Icon Crayven Crayven Corporation
Armament 2 x Welby-Simms Penetrator chaingun
Squad size 2 power armor units
Field characteristics
Firepower Good
Armor Very good
Health Great
Speed Very low
View range Very low
Tech level 7
Special abilities
Weapons DC Icon CC SW Badger AG-72 AG-72 perforator
DC Icon CC SW Badger RMM-13 RMM-13 mortar
Equipment GC Icon CC SE Medkit Personal medkit
DC Icon CC SE Entrench Entrench

The CCPWR-7 Badger is the Crayven power armor in Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy. Crayven's power armor is designed to be armored like a tank with the maneuverability of an infantry. Medium armor and powerful twin chainguns slow the power armor down.


The Crayven Power Armor is designed to supplement the infantry. Only the best infantry soldiers are chosen to pilot these destructive suits. Crayven Power armor is protective enough to take on tanks head-to-head, while remaining mobile enough to maneuver difficult terrain and even load into the APC. This is extremely important due to the slow ground speed of the power armor. Powered Armor is not right for all missions however; the suits are heavy and uncomfortable. On planets with increased gravity, the suits become unbearable.

The primary weapon of the Crayven Power Armor are the twin Welby-Simms Penetrators. These chain-guns are designed to punch through most tank armor plating. Crayven Power Armor is an exoskeleton personally fitted to its pilot. The interface helmet allows the pilot to make complicated movements quickly and easily and is able to stand against infantry and vehicles with confidence.


Special weaponsEdit

DC Icon CC SW Badger AG-72 AG-72 short-range perforator
A close ranged attack that does large amounts of damage to a small area. The perforator is very effective against infantry. 3 charges.
DC Icon CC SW Badger RMM-13 RMM-13 heavy infantry mortar
A mortar weapon similar to the standard Marine special weapon that is capable of penetrating heavy terradyne armor. 3 charges.

Special equipmentEdit

GC Icon CC SE Medkit Personal medkit
Personal medkit capable of extreme healing acceleration, repairing damaged tissues, also includes basic tools for armor field repairs. 3 charges.
DC Icon CC SE Entrench Entrench
This is a special modification the power armor may choose that allows it to plant itself and raise it’s defensive abilities. This lowers its movement rate to 0. 1 charges.

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