GameIcon DC
GC Icon OND Power Armor CCRTR Gibbon
DC Ingame Gibbon
Power armor
Faction GC Icon Order Order of the New Dawn
Armament Plasma accelerator cannon
Armor Plasteel plates, flex-skeleton
Squad size 2 power armor
Field characteristics
Firepower Good
Armor Great
Health Great
Speed Very low
View range Low
Tech level 7
Special abilities
Weapons DC Icon OND SW Gibbon 1 Energy perforator
DC Icon OND SW Gibbon 2 GrU-9 RSA-AMS missiles
Equipment GC Icon OND SE Medkit Personal medkit
DC Icon OND SE Entrench Entrench

The CCRTR Gibbon is the power armor of the Order of the New Dawn. The Order power armor carries powerful plasma cannons mounted on their backs. They are massive units that are able to entrench themselves, giving them even more protection.


The Gibbon, so named because of the armors resemblance to a simian, is the Orders first foray into powered armor production. Thus far, the Armor has proven very useful and powerful in combat. The armor, which boasts a retrofitted Rover 8005 battle engine, moves quite quickly for such a large suit. The armor is extremely flexible, using Plasteel plates and an experimental flex-skeleton. The pilot does not fit directly inside the suit. He is seated in a gyro-stabilized seat in the "hump" of the suit allowing him to see out the visor. Just above the pilot is the Plasma accelerator cannon, which is powered from the mini-reactor housed in the armors stomach. The Gibbon is able to entrench itself thus protecting it greatly from incoming attacks, however it cannot move at all when entrenched.

The Gibbon is able to traverse difficult terrain far easier than most tanks and add the protective benefit to the infantry troops. Gibbon armor is proving cheaper to produce than main battle hoverdynes, and with their protection and freedom of terrain, the armor is quickly becoming popular with many field commanders.


Special weaponsEdit

DC Icon OND SW Gibbon 1 Close-range energy perforator
A close ranged attack that does large amounts of damage to a small area. The perforator is very effective against infantry. 3 charges.
DC Icon OND SW Gibbon 2 GrU-9 RSA-AMS missiles Mk 7
Similar to the Templar, the Gibbon launches high arcing rockets that target ground units. This attack has more range than the standard power armor attack. 3 charges.

Special equipmentEdit

GC Icon OND SE Medkit Personal medkit
Personal medkit capable of extreme healing acceleration, repairing damaged tissues, also includes basic tools for armor field repairs. 3 charges.
DC Icon OND SE Entrench Entrench
This is a special modification the power armor may choose that allows it to "plant" itself and raise its defensive abilities. This lowers its movement rate to 0. 1 charge.

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