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GC Icon CC APC CLSV-601 Rhino
GC Ingame Rhino
Command APC
Faction GC Icon Crayven Crayven Corporation
Armament Welby-Simms Cor13-1 .50 Autocannon
Armor B-25 Titanium shockplates
Field characteristics
Firepower Medium
Armor Medium
Health Very high
Speed Medium
View range Medium
Stealth None
Perception Low

The CLSV-601 "Rhino" is the command armored personnel carrier of the Crayven Security Forces during the events of the Battle of Krig.


The CLSV-601 Command Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) is the most important unit on the battlefield, it is the vehicle from where the Field Commander controls his strike force and allows the Commander to transport infantry. The four-manned APC is crewed by a driver, gunner, repair-manager and the Field Commander. The extremely well protected inside compartment of the Command APC contains the advanced Ground Control Direct Command Interface System - GC-DCIS, designed to assist the Commander in controlling their forces. An infantry transport compartment is located in the rear and allows up to 20 marines to cram in for transport.

The Command APC is armed with the Welby-Simms Cor13-1 .50 Autocannon, capable of dealing with all but the heaviest of titanium layered terradyne armors. The APC is armored with heavy B-25 Titanium shockplates also fitted to the Crayven main battle terradyne. The Command APC is not however, an assault terradyne, the armor and autocannon are for pure defensive reasons. With all the equipment fitted to the Command APC, it is one of the heaviest terradynes operational today. A heavily improved Zephrim fusion engine powers the APC.

A SULAC-29 Repair module is fitted on the Command APC that gives it the very important ability to repair other units.

The Field Commander is further protected inside the APC in a hard-shell pod, designed to keep the Commander alive should the APC be destroyed. The pod contains enough life supporting systems to keep the Commander alive for several weeks until a rescue operation can be launched.

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