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The CSS Astrid was a Crayven heavy battlecruiser, and is one of the largest ships of the Crayven stellar fleet. The Astrid is one of the first starships to be equipped with an alien singularity drive capable of breaching the intergalactic barrier.

History Edit

In the 25th century, the Astrid participated in the Battle of Krig, serving as orbital support and a base of operations for the Crayven Security Forces on Krig-7B. It was first stranded and abandoned for many years, until Jacob Angelus, along with the help of Clan Hroag manage to recover the ship and bringing it back into an operational state.

Following the situation where Morningstar Prime is on the brink of defeat, Alice McNeal lead the evacuation of Morningstar Prime citizens to the ship of CSS Astrid while Jacob, along with Clan Hroag are left stranded to make the final stand against the Empire.

Trivia Edit

  • Astrid is a Scandinavian feminine name, derived from an Old Norse name meaning "beautiful god".
  • According to a SpaceBattles Forums thread, the CSS Astrid is calculated to be 1593.75 meters in length, roughly almost five times the length of a USS Enterprise aircraft carrier.

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