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This is a list of cheats that can be enabled through entering commands in a cheat box or console.

Ground ControlEdit

Press the M, S and V keys all at the same time on the main menu to bring up the cheat box. Enter a cheat code in the input box to enable the cheat.

  • console: enables the console, which can be brought up with "~".
  • god: enables god mode, all units are invincible.
  • not god: disables god mode.
  • from massive with love: enables bizarre/psychedelic textures.
  • gimme maps: unlocks all campaign missions, accessible under custom game.
  • the new generation of rts-games: unlocks the Secret Sabotage mission, accessible under custom game.
  • flashlight: main menu becomes dark with a spotlight surrounding the cursor.

Ground Control II: Operation ExodusEdit

Press ~ twice in-game. This will bring down the console that will allow you enter a cheat code.

  • godmassive: enables god mode, all units are invincible.
  • gomassive: unlocks all campaign missions.
  • fps: displays FPS counter.
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