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Douglas C. Grant
GC2 Portrait Grant
Biographical information
Relative(s) Antonia Grant (wife)
Residence Nova Legia, New Darwin, Morningstar Prime
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair color Grey
Eye color Blue
Political information
Affiliation Northern Star Alliance
Occupation Officer
Rank Major
Game information
Voice actor Charles Dennis
Damn it Cap'n, we got trouble comin'. I'm sendin' you some backup! Show them Terran bastards we don't fight like girlies!
Douglas Grant

Major Douglas C. Grant is a senior officer in the NSA army. He was one of the primary commanders who aided in the defense and then evacuation of Morningstar Prime during the Second Stellar War.

Personality Edit

Grant's personality, character and accent are strongly reminiscent of the Confederate generals during the American Civil War. However, his name is inspired from Union general Ulysses S. Grant. He is loud and brash and tends to act unorthodox in many ways; he sometimes taunts about giving the Terrans "root canals". Despite this Grant is a good man through and through.

Unlike Warhurst, his rank does not affect his "communication skills" with his fellow officers, including Captain Jacob Angelus.

History Edit

Major Grant loses his wife, Antonia, during the attack of the pro-Empire Viron clan. He himself disappears halfway through the game. Later it is revealed that he was secretly held prisoner by the traitor General Warhurst who planned to hand him over to Empire. After being freed, he and his forces help evacuate Morningstar.

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