GameIcon GC2
GC2 UIcon Dragon Dragon legionnaire
GC2 Ingame Dragon
Light infantry
Faction GC2 Logo Terrans Terran Empire
Field characteristics
Hitpoints 250
Armor 0/0/0/0
Speed 5
Sight range 150
Damage 5-10 (50)
Stealth 20

The Ordo Draconis, or the Dragon legionnaires, are the elite infantry units of the Terran Empire's army.


For those lucky individuals that manage to serve a full term as a regular Legionnaire, the next step is to join the Ordo Draconis, more commonly called the Dragon Legionnaires. Favored by the Emperor, they stand for upholding law and order within the Empire and are used as much for peace-keeping as they are in war. Armed with Turbine Blowers that purge streams of deadly gases containing, among other things, droplets of molecular acid.

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