GameIcon GC2
Drahk'Mar Vi'Cath
GC2 Portrait DrahkMar
Physical information
Gender Male (Viron)
Political information
Affiliation Clan Hroag
Northern Star Alliance
Rank Vi'Cath
Game information
Voice actor Ron Canada
Hail Angelus-Captain. I am Drahk'Mar, Vi'Cath of the Hroag Clan. Your name is known with honor among us. Gratitude for our liberation.

Drahk'Mar is the Vi'Cath of Clan Hroag, and the main instigator of the Viron rebellion against the Terran Empire and G'Hall Vi'Cath. He loathes the Terrans for destroying the Viron homeworld and views G'Hall as a traitor to the Viron race in his alliance with Vlaana Azleea.

Drahk'Mar pledged Hroag's allegiance to the Northern Star Alliance after Jacob Angelus rescued him and his fellow clanguards from the Imperial prison transports.

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