GameIcon GC2
GC2 UIcon Engineer Centruroid Kee'on Rimah
GC2 Ingame Engineer Centruroid
Engineer centruroid
Faction GC2 Logo Virons Viron Nomads
Armament Medium spore thrower
Cargo space 2 cargo slots
Melds into Mortar centruroid
Transport slots 8 clanguards
Field characteristics
Hitpoints 250
Armor 30/20/10/10
Speed 15
Sight range 119
Damage 7-15 (100)

The engineer centruroid, or Kee'on Rimah in Viron, is the transport and support vehicle of the Viron forces.


The engineer centruroid is armed with a medium spore thrower and a transport compartment capable of taking up to 8 clanguards. The unit, which is able to heal friendly units, fills an important role on the battlefield. Two engineer centruroids can be melded together to create a mortar centruroid.

Secondary modeEdit

GC2 UIcon Engineer Secondary Repair mode
The unit activates its repair equipment and is capable of spraying friendly units with mucous

capable of accelerating the Viron regeneration process. It cannot attack in secondary mode.

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