GameIcon DC
GC Icon OND Infantry 1 Faithful
DC Ingame Faithful
Light infantry
Faction GC Icon Order Order of the New Dawn
Armament Carbines, pulse-bolt throwers
Armor Robe laced w/ mesh
Squad size 12 infantry units
Field characteristics
Firepower Low
Armor Very low
Health Very low
Speed Low
View range Good
Stealth Good
Tech level 7
Special abilities
Weapons DC Icon OND SW Faithful 1 Fires of the Damned
DC Icon OND SW Faithful 2 Needle spray
Equipment GC Icon OND SE Medkit Personal medkit
GC Icon OND SE Deploy Defender Missile defender
DC Icon OND SE Martyrdom Holy martyrdom

The Faithful are the light footsoldiers of the Order's Pax Dei, serving as cannon fodder. Faithful have no armor, and are only armed with rebuilt carbine rifles. Their only advantage is their great numbers and their tendency to commit suicide bombings, making them dangerous against singled out enemy targets.


Not all the followers of the Light who wish to become members of the Pax Dei are able to withstand the rigors of training. The Order, in its infinite wisdom, has found a place for these "soldiers" of the light. The Order Faithful are in technical terms, "fodder". The Faithful as a group wish only to serve the Order, and if the only way to accomplish this is by blocking gunfire with their body... so be it.

As individuals, Faithful are poorly trained and equipped for combat. They wear the lowest grade armor available to the Order, which is basically a robe laced with mesh. Faithful are armed with archaic pulse-bolt throwers with surprising function reliability. As a group however the Faithful are a sight to behold. Their units are quite large and they have absolutely no fear. Even more frightening is the tendency of the Faithful to rush a larger target, (such as a tank) and to detonate massive amounts of explosive. Thus destroying the tank, and themselves. This disregard for their own lives is what makes the Faithful so fearsome on the battlefield.

Faithful may also be armed with flechette guns, which launches a spray of foot-long metal needles at their target. These will tear through the armor of infantry and some lighter tanks.


Special weaponsEdit

DC Icon OND SW Faithful 1 Fires of the Damned
A gout of flame erupts from the Faithfuls rifle. The range is short with limited blast radius. 3 charges.
DC Icon OND SW Faithful 2 Needle spray
A flechette barrage of long metal projectiles that tears through infantry, but is fast enough to hit air units. 3 charges.

Special equipmentEdit

GC Icon OND SE Medkit Personal medkit
Personal medkit capable of extreme healing acceleration, repairing damaged tissues, also includes basic tools for armor field repairs. 3 charges.
GC Icon OND SE Deploy Defender Missile defender
The defender system shoots down incoming missiles rockets and grenades when deployed. Once deployed it cannot be moved. 1 charge.
DC Icon OND SE Martyrdom Holy martyrdom
The Faithful use a detonator to destroy themselves to do a massive attack. The attack does the damage over a large area, centered on

the current location.

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