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First Stellar War
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Draconis pyrrhic victory

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Various other corporations, coalitions, and colonies

Marcus Augustus Earth's government

Various corporate leaders, commanders

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The First Stellar War, or the Stellar War, was a widespread interstellar conflict in the Inner Sphere, lasting from 2431 to 2501. The Stellar War followed immediately after the Independence Wars, when the Draconis Empire began their invasion of a weakened Global Central Command.[1]

Background Edit

Two months after the Battle of Krig, the Earth's early warning relay was sabotaged by rogue Crayven agent Sarah Parker. Reasons of her actions are unknown, but it would leave the Earth vulnerable and unable to react to the initial events of the First Stellar War.

The end of the Independence Wars saw the Earth's government weakened by the loss of its power, having only control of a handful of colonies left. The Draconis Emperor Marcus Augustus saw this as a perfect opportunity to mount an offensive campaign against the crippled Earth government.

Events Edit

A large offensive was launched by Draconis forces against the Global Central Command in 2431. The war saw major fighting throughout the Inner Sphere between the two factions. With Earth's early warning network disabled, the Empire penetrated deep into Earth's systems.

However, the war was not only confined to these two belligerents, as the Crayven Corporation and other corporations and colonies saw the opportunity to gain more power and influence in the Sphere. However, they too would be caught and crushed in the destruction of the conflict.

Throughout the course of the war, some core colonies were annihilated, others completely isolated. The deep space Tachyon communication relays were destroyed, severing communications with the Outer Sphere colonies. The Global Central Command would be completely annihilated as Earth itself was conquered by the Draconis, later renamed to Terra Prime as the empire's new capital world.

More than 50 colonized star systems fell under Draconis control. With the magnitude and scope of the war never seen in human history before, the First Stellar War ended in a pyrrhic victory for the empire.

Aftermath Edit

The war made the Draconis Empire the sole independent and most powerful polity in the Inner Sphere. The devastation of the conflict and the continuing unrest forced the empire to commit all its resources to building and maintaining control over the Inner Sphere and Earth. At some point, the Draconis Empire would reorganize itself into the Empire of Terra.

With the Tachyon relays destroyed, no communications nor supplies were able to cross through the Henrich Barrier between the spheres. The once-dependent Outer Sphere colonies were force to fend for themselves, resulting a period of famine, disease, and petty wars. Eventually, the Outer Sphere would recover, forming two entities: the Northern Star Alliance and the Intergalatic Trade Guild.

Marcus Augustus would learn about the Elder Race and the apocalypse they would bring upon the galaxy. This would further the Empire of Terra's plans for the conquest of the Outer Sphere in order to unify humanity under one empire.[2] On October 5, 2699, the Empire of Terra launched a massive surprise invasion of the Outer Sphere and NSA worlds, starting the Second Stellar War.

References Edit

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