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Biographical information
Died 2741, Morningstar Prime
Physical information
Gender Male (Viron)
Political information
Affiliation GC2 Logo Virons Clan Kre'haz
GC2 Logo Terrans Terran Empire
Occupation Field commander
Rank Vi'Cath
Game information
Voice actor Steve Blum

G'Hall was the supreme Vi'Cath of all the Virons, as well as the Vi'Cath of his own Clan Kre'haz. After the Terran Empire's conquest of the Viron homeworld, he was made the commander of the Viron slave army.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

While the Viron race is split into clans, each with their own military and spiritual elder, there is one leader who speaks collectively for all: G'Hall Vi'Cath. G'Hall has held the position of Viron Overlord for three decades and has established himself through strength and order, using the Viron Code of Honor (No'He'Khum) as a base from which to justify his ideals.[1]

G´hall Vi'Cath is a creature of war, always sharing the battlefield with his brethren. Together with his personal guard, the Gr'mehk'Khaas (The Tempest Gray), he can strike fear into even the most battle-hardened soldier. G'Hall's face and body is covered with scars, remnants of battles and rituals of self-mutilation. He lost his left eye in battle and a patch, stitched directly into his leathery skin, covers the empty socket.

As is typical for Virons, G'Hall rarely speaks. He is able to command his troops with mere gestures and looks from his one remaining eye. When he does speak, it is usually to intimidate and challenge his opponents into battle, and he chooses his words carefully. Those who see him say that he seems to walk around as if in a controlled perpetual rage, always on the verge of losing control to his impatient nature.

Throughout his reign, few have dared question him, but now tensions have begun to grow between the clans as some Clan Vi'Caths (Elders) are unsatisfied with the direction he is leading them. They have reacted to his recent erratic behavior. Those who have seen it, say that his one remaining eye is dilated and clouded, a tell-tale symptom of addiction to the drug known as Pronocol. If this indeed is true, it would be an enormous blow to G'Hall's power, as drug-addiction is seen as deeply dishonorable in Viron culture.[1]

Second Stellar War Edit

After the Viron homeworld was conquered by the Terran Empire, G'Hall served the Terrans as leader of a slave army. Virons under G'Hall are involved in the Empire's war against the NSA. This move has angered the other Vi'Cath, but they are unable to act as the Empire controls the supply of zethane, a trace gas required by the Virons to survive.

G'Hall is eventually killed by Captain Angelus and his forces in battle while commandeering his own Vi'Cath centruroid.

References Edit

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