GameIcon GC2
GC2 UIcon Gun Centruroid Bah'ko
GC2 Ingame Gun Centruroid
Gun centruroid
Faction GC2 Logo Virons Viron Nomads
Armament Bio-spike cannon
Cost 350
Cargo space 2 cargo spaces
Melds into Missile centruroid
Field characteristics
Hitpoints 150
Armor 20/10/0/0
Speed 20
Sight range 160
Damage 5-10 (120)

The gun centruroid, or Bah'ko in Viron, is a scout vehicle of the Viron army. The gun centruroid is fast but can only engage infantry with its low-caliber machine gun. Two gun centruroids can be melded together to create the missile centruroid.


The fast and furious gun centruroid uses a direct spike cannon to deliver razor sharp bio-spikes at its enemies. While the spikes are capable of penetrating the thickest armor with easy, their small size severely limits their damage potential. The gun centruroid fills the role as a fast long-range recon unit. With its fast speed unnervingly long range it is capable of luring the enemy into lethal ambushes. Two gun centruroid can be melded together to create a more defensive Viron unit, the missile centruroid.

Secondary modeEdit

GC2 UIcon Gun Secondary Front shields
Like certain Earth reptiles, the “Bah’ko” can extend a hard carapace in the front to protect the unit from frontal attacks. The unit is however immobile while the shields are up.

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