GameIcon GC2
GC2 UIcon Imperial Fist IMHH65 Imperial Fist
GC2 Ingame Imperial Fist
Artillery hoverdyne
Faction GC2 Logo Terrans Terran Empire
Armament Large caliber howitzer
Field characteristics
Hitpoints 230
Armor 50/20/0/0
Speed 10
Sight range 120
Damage 25-50 (350)

The IMHH65 Imperial Fist, or the Imperial Howitzer, is the artillery hoverdyne of the Terran Empire.


The Imperial Howitzer is a hoverdyne armed with a large caliber howitzer. Its powerful range and impressive blast radius makes it an expert in taking out large concentrations of infantry and other lightly armored targets. It moves with the characteristic speed of a hover tank.

The Imperial Howitzer is heavily armored in order to withstand enemy retaliatory fire; it makes a natural target on the battlefield. The Imperial Howitzer does not have the same range or rate of fire as the NSA counterpart.


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