GC Icon PM AA 1 JHCS-8813 Icarus
DC Ingame Icarus
Anti-air vehicle
Faction DC Icon Phoenix Phoenix Mercenaries
Armament Plasma launcher
Squad size 4 anti-air vehicles
Field characteristics
Firepower Good
Armor Good
Health Good
Speed Good
View range Extreme
Tech level 4
Special abilities
Equipment DC Icon PM SE Repair ADPP repair module
DC Icon PM SE Rocket Rocket
DC Icon PM SE Defender Personal defender gun

The JHCS-8813 Icarus is the anti-aircraft vehicle of the Phoenix Mercenaries. The anti-air unit is able to target and engage on only airborne units. It fires powerful homing missiles, but has poor perception and speed.


Icarus, as the anti-air unit has been named, is one of the newest additions to the support class of Phoenix vehicles. This sleek, maneuverable, craft is capable of tearing enemy aerodynes apart in seconds and bringing them crashing to the surface. The Icarus is designed around its unstable molecule plasma launcher. To lend to it’s speed the Icarus is lightly armored and is better kept safe around large tanks.

The Icarus is armed with a first generation plasma launcher designed by Marc Herra. The cannon creates a ball of unstable plasma molecules, held together by a shell of energy and a wish. The shell is launched into the air and rapidly cools causing it to shatter. Once this happens the plasma erupts into several individual precalculated bursts. These bursts fly almost unerringly toward aerodynes and shred the light armor of the aerodynes.

The targeting system is based loosely on the drone carrier's system of rapidly calculating a pattern and determining the best placement for fire. Thus far the Icarus has proven itself on the battlefield and continues to impress.


Special equipmentEdit

DC Icon PM SE Repair ADPP repair module
Tools and software for minor field repairs to armor plates and vital systems.
DC Icon PM SE Rocket Rocket
A speed boost that propels the units forward with little actual control. Good for getting somewhere in a hurry.
DC Icon PM SE Defender Personal defender gun
Deploys a defender gun near this unit to protect it from incoming grenades, missiles and artillery.

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