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Jacob Angelus
GC2 Jacob Angelus
Biographical information
Born 2714 (age 27 in 2741)
Victoria City, Morningstar Prime
Relative(s) Alice McNeal (love interest)
Residence Morningstar Prime
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Political information
Affiliation Northern Star Alliance
Occupation Officer
Rank Captain
Game information
Voice actor Chris Edgerly

Jacob Angelus is a captain in the NSA's military and the protagonist of Ground Control II: Operation Exodus.



Captain Jacob Angelus grew up in Victoria City. Like many NSA children, he was orphaned at an early age and thus drafted early into the military. There he quickly adopted the harsh reality of modern warfare. Even though Angelus was constantly in trouble during basic training, his drill instructors recognised in him a natural leader. The military was the only family he knew apart from Alice McNeal, the daughter of Lucretia McNeal and his friend since childhood.

Angelus graduated from the NSA military academy at Fort Ike with high honours and was sent to serve as a lieutenant for the 49th Regiment (Death Express) of the NSA infantry arm. The Death Express, infamous for their harsh attitude and low respect for new blood, had a history of using new recruits as little more than cannon fodder for their more experienced brethren. However, young Angelus managed to secure the respect of the soldiers within the first few weeks. Veterans who had served for years wholeheartedly obeyed Angelus orders without hesitation. He and his company participated in numerous heavy combat engagements against the Terran Empire.

It was during the operation at Corollia Island that Jacob Angelus came to the attention of General Warhurst. Angelus' Company, assigned to Major Grant, was charged to re-capture the strategically located Corollia Island outside Dome 44. Jacob Angelus led a successful assault on the Imperial relief force and managed to turn the tide, even though his company took severe casualties. Only Angelus' skill and determined actions allowed the 49th Death Express to ram the Imperial Expeditionary Force into retreat. Jacob Angelus received the Soldier Star for his actions, a promotion to Captain and given command of his own company.

With the situation in the Morningstar capital, New Darwin, becoming more untenable, Captain Jacob Angelus' Company has been transferred to bolster its defenses.

Defense of MorningstarEdit

Retrieving the AstridEdit

Operation ExodusEdit


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