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GC2 UIcon Legionnaire Legionnaire
GC2 Ingame Legionnaires
Light infantry
Faction GC2 Logo Terrans Terran Empire
Armament G-Lock 8 photon rifle
Protection High-density combat armor
Field characteristics
Hitpoints 150
Armor 0/0/0/0
Speed 6
Sight range 150
Damage 2-4 (100)
Stealth 60

Legionnaires are the basic light infantry units of the Terran Empire's military.

Background Edit

One way to attain (or regain) citizenship in the Terran Empire is to serve a 5-year tour of duty with the Imperial Legionnaires. While mainly used to garrison Imperial planets, they also accompany mechanized troops during offensive campaigns.

Legionnaires are equipped with Terran-manufactured G-Lock 8 Photon Rifles (based on the older Welby-Simms MK-7 design) and High-Density Combat Armor. Their main role is to take out enemy infantry, but can also be put to good use when fortifying buildings or manning gun emplacements. They are generally weak on the battlefield when deployed in small numbers.

Legionnaire squads are usually comprised of ex-convicts, troublemakers and other lower-class individuals, which make them largely expendable in the eyes of Imperial Centurions and other battlefield commanders.[1]

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References Edit

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