GameIcon GC2
GC2 UIcon Mortar Centruroid Chingh'geh'ohn
GC2 Ingame Mortar Centruroid
Mortar centruroid
Faction GC2 Logo Virons Viron Nomads
Armament Seed launcher
Unmelds into Engineer centruroid
Field characteristics
Hitpoints 160
Armor 40/20/0/0
Speed 15
Sight range 150
Damage 15-30 (300)

The mortar centruroid, or Chingh'geh'ohn in Viron, is the Viron's equivalent to mobile artillery.


The mortar centruroid is the Viron's answer to field artillery. The units powerful seed launcher fires a larger version of the volatile seed cases used by mortar clanguards. Like its smaller cousin, it is designed to detonate above the target, showering everything below with razor-sharp spikes. The range of the weapon is far shorter than their NSA and Imperial counterparts.

Secondary modeEdit

GC2 UIcon Mortar Centruroid Secondary Torment grenades
Instead of firing its usual volatile seed-cases, it fires an acidic grenade effectively reducing enemy units' armor in the target area.


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