GameIcon GC2
GC2 UIcon Raptor NSARICI-5 Raptor
GC2 Ingame Raptor
Special forces infantry
Faction GC2 Logo NSA Northern Star Alliance
Armament WS Horn Dart sniper rifle
Cost 255
Cargo space 1 cargo space
Field characteristics
Hitpoints 180
Armor 0/0/0/0
Speed 7
Sight range 150
Damage 30-60 (250)
Stealth 50

The NSARICI-5 Raptor is the special forces infantry of the Northern Star Alliance.


The Special Forces infantry, also known as Raptors, are snipers capable of killing infantry at great distances. Raptors are almost impossible to detect without sensors. The unit must be placed in sniper mode to fire its weapon.

Secondary modeEdit

GC2 UIcon Raptor Secondary Sniper mode
The Raptor can go into sniper mode. In this mode its view range is vastly improved as well as its weapon range. The Raptor cannot move while in sniper mode and its cloaking will be disabled.


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