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Northern Star Alliance
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Political information
Type Democratic federation
Founding document Ariel Prime treaty
Commander-in-chief General Aranis Warhurst
Military Northern Star Alliance Armed Forces
Societal information
Capital Morningstar Prime
Historical information
Date formed 2690
Conflicts Second Stellar War

Active, majority of territory conquered by Terran Empire

The Northern Star Alliance is a democratic federation of 23 star systems located in the Outer Sphere. The Alliance was established in 2690 after the signing of a treaty on Ariel Prime. Much of the Alliance's worlds were former colonies of the Crayven Corporation.

The Northern Star Alliance is one of the playable factions in Ground Control II: Operation Exodus, and is considered to be the main protagonist faction of the singleplayer campaign.

Description Edit

The Northern Star Alliance is a collection of colonies that still resist the might of the Terran Empire. The capital planet, Morningstar Prime, has now come under siege by Imperator Vlaana's forces, but is managing to hold them at bay.

Originally a colony of the now-defunct Crayven Corporation, Morningstar has survived due to strong leadership and resourcefulness. The colonists are a resilient people, and this shows in everything they do and create. This is why Morningstar Prime was the natural choice when it was time to choose the NSA capital.

Holding true to its philosophy of life even in war, the Northern Star Alliance has an arsenal that is practical and conventional, relying more on resilience and the brute force of projectile weapons. The Alliance's ground-personnel are some of the toughest men and women in the quadrant, and their commanders are some of the most brilliant tacticians.[1]

The military branch of the NSA is the Northern Star Alliance Armed Forces (NSAAF).

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References Edit

  1. 'Northern Star Alliance' 2004, in Ground Control II: Operation Exodus Field Commanders Handbook, Sierra, pp. 23.
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