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GC Icon OND AA 1 O1/AAPBT-600 Pavo
GC Ingame Pavo
Anti-air hoverdyne
Faction GC Icon Order Order of the New Dawn
Armament FUR/X9 Stryke Lightning Generator
Armor Polysteel-15 armor
Squad size 4 anti-air hoverdynes
Field characteristics
Firepower Good
Armor Medium
Health Medium
Speed Good
View range Good
Tech level 2
Special abilities
Equipment GC Icon OND SE Repair ADPP repair module
GC Icon OND SE Image Intensifier Image intensifier

The O1/AAPBT-600 Pavo is the anti-aircraft hoverdyne of the Order of the New Dawn. Anti-air hoverdynes are fast and perceptive, with light armor. Its weapon system is homing but can only engage airborne targets.


The O1/AAPBT-600 is another example of the latest Order weapon technology that’s barely been through a thorough field test. The Pax Dei have recently begun to replace their older Anti-Air Missile System with the new FUR/X9 "Stryke" Lightning Generator. The Pavo uses the same hoverdyne battle-proven O3-chassis with the top module replaced. The Pavo has one single purpose, and that is to destroy enemy aerodynes. It accomplishes this with an annoying accuracy.

Its aerodyne defeating weapon is a fixed mounted high frequency lightning generator which literally slices incoming aerodynes. The lightning balls generated by the weapon system seemingly homes in on the target aerodyne. However the lightning generator requires enormous amounts of energy to operate and has been fitted with a powerful Zephrim engine. The Lightning Generator system is according to Crayven Intelligence, not yet completely stable and requires an intricate cooling system, which as of this date does not work well in hot and dry regions.

The internal cooling system is it main weakness and prohibits it from being fitted with heavy shock plates. The current design is armored with amalgam fused layers of Polysteel-15. Due its grav engine, the Pavo is much faster and maneuverable than most Crayven terradynes.


Special equipmentEdit

GC Icon OND SE Repair ADPP repair module
Tools and software for minor field repairs to armor plates and vital systems. 3 charges.
GC Icon OND SE Image Intensifier Image intensifier
Improves view range when activated. 3 charges.

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