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GC Ingame Command APC OND
Command APC
Faction GC Icon Order Order of the New Dawn
Armament 200 kilocycle Electro Discharge Cannon
SULAC-29 repair system

The O5/DCAPC is the command armored personnel carrier of the Order's Pax Dei.


The O5/DCAPC Command APC is the Order battlefield nerve center. In addition to being able to transport Crusaders and Templars, it houses the Order Deacon - the equivalent of the Crayven Field Commander. The Command APC can carry up to 20 fully armed and armored Crusaders without sacrificing its excellent combat maneuverability. It is equipped with fully hydraulic rear doors to ensure that the infantry can enter and exit the vehicle no matter the circumstances.

The turret located on top of the vehicle mounts a slightly modified 200 kilocycle Electro Discharge Cannon that has a very useful armor penetrating capability. The weapon is also capable of limited air defense, even though it is not its primary purpose.

The Order Command APC is extremely robust and can operate under extreme conditions that would wreck many other hoverdynes.

A modified version of the Crayven SULAC-29 Repair system is mounted on the Command APC that enables it to swiftly repair units.

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