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GC Icon OND Air 1 OA3/AN-9000 Draco
GC Ingame Draco
Fighter aerodyne
Faction GC Icon Order Order of the New Dawn
Armament Dell-Hugh RV4 plasma missiles
Armor Polysteel-15 armor
Squad size 3 fighter aerodynes
Field characteristics
Firepower Great
Armor Medium
Health Medium
Speed Great
View range Medium
Stealth Low
Perception Low
Tech level 5
Special abilities
Weapons GC Icon OND SW Plasma Missile Improved plasma missile
Equipment GC Icon OND SE Image Intensifier Image intensifier
GC Icon OND SE Energy Shield Energy shield

The OA3/AN-9000 Draco is the fighter aerodyne of the Order's Pax Dei. Fighter aerodynes are extremely fast and stealthy. They are armed with powerful guided air-to-air torpedoes.


The Order’s answer to the Delta fighter is the OA3/AN-9000 "Draco" and it is considered to be a worthy opponent.

As a fighter craft its main objective is to eliminate enemy fighter aerodynes and attack aerodynes. The Draco’s weapon system cannot engage ground targets and must rely on other units to take out enemy anti-air capable units. The Draco is crewed by a pilot and a gunner, both in direct contact with the Field Commander’s APC.

The Draco is primarily armed with air-to-air Dell-Hugh RV4 plasma missiles. When the missiles are launched, a mechanism in the warhead generates a powerful energy field, filing a particle confinement with plasma that is released upon detonation. It takes a second or two for the missile to generate the plasma, making the weapon system not entirely efficient for extreme close aerial combat. The gunner can however arm the missiles before they are launched but due to the hazards of having armed plasma missiles in the launch tubes, this highly unusual form of attack is only used by truly suicidal pilots.

Most weapons easily penetrate the Draco light Polysteel-15 armor, which is also considered to be Draco's main weakness.


Special weaponsEdit

GC Icon OND SW Plasma Missile Improved plasma missile
An improved and more powerful air-to-air plasma missile. 3 charges.

Special equipmentEdit

GC Icon OND SE Image Intensifier Image intensifier
Helmet mounted vision enhancer. Increases the possible view range with advanced image intensifier equipment. 3 charges.
GC Icon OND SE Energy Shield Energy shield
Protects the aerodyne against all incoming enemy fire when activated. 3 charges.

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