Order of the New Dawn
GC Icon Order
Political information
Type Religion, megacorporation
Military Pax Dei

Dissolved after the First Stellar War

The Order of the New Dawn was a popular religious movement based on the Abrahamic faiths of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. It was the largest faith on Earth in the 24th century.

The Order was founded in the aftermath wastelands of the Sixteen Minutes War by a group of Christians. From there they helped people survive the harsh winter wastelands and eventually grew to one of the most controlling and rich colonial factions in the galaxy.



  • Crusader Infantry
  • Order Faithful
  • Templar Torpedo Infantry


  • Scout Hoverbike
  • Light Hoverdyne
  • Medium Hoverdyne
  • Heavy Hoverdyne
  • Artillery Hoverdyne
  • Beam Platform Hoverdyne
  • Anti-Air Hoverdyne
  • Drone Carrier Hoverdyne


  • Scout Aerodyne
  • Attack Aerodyne
  • Fighter Aerodyne