GameIcon DC
GC Icon PM Infantry 1 PXWR 5113 Warrior
DC Ingame Warriors
Basic infantry
Faction DC Icon Phoenix Phoenix Mercenaries
Armament Carbine rifle
Armor Jumpsuit w/ protective inlaid mesh
Squad size 8 infantry units
Field characteristics
Firepower Low
Armor Good
Health Very low
Speed Very low
View range Good
Stealth Good
Perception Great
Tech level 1
Special abilities
Weapons DC Icon PM SW Warrior Hyper-Plasma Hyper-plasma charge
DC Icon PM SW Grenade Plasma grenade
Equipment DC Icon PM SE Medkit Personal medkit
DC Icon PM SE Radar Deployable radar

The PXWR 5113 Warrior is the basic infantry unit of the Phoenix Mercenaries. Phoenix infantry are armed with assault rifles able to damage lightly armored targets. They maybe transported in the command APC for safe transport.


Phoenix Warriors are the backbone of the Phoenix mercenary army. Body armor is not easily come by on Crim-12, and Phoenix warriors are not heavily armored. Phoenix warriors come from all walks of life and their abilities are varied. Their primary weapon is a rebuilt Carbine rifle that is light enough to be operated without an exoskeleton. Their jumpsuits are layered with protective inlaid mesh that provides some protection against ballistic and energy attacks; but it's minimal at best.

Phoenix Warriors are also able to deploy special Hyper-Accelerated Plasma Charges that are able to destroy almost any single unit with one shot. This ammo is extremely unstable and they only carry a few rounds at a time. A tactic is to use this ammo to strafe the area, thus spreading the damage to more units.

The Phoenix Warriors can be loaded into the Command APC for swift transport.


Special weaponsEdit

DC Icon PM SW Warrior Hyper-Plasma Hyper-plasma charge
A burst of plasma that is capable of destroying almost any unit with a single blast.
DC Icon PM SW Grenade Plasma grenade
Similar to what the Furies use, the Warrior launches a fiery grenade at its target damaging more targets.

Special equipmentEdit

DC Icon PM SE Medkit Personal medkit
Personal medkit capable of extreme healing acceleration, repairing damaged tissues, also includes basic tools for armor field repairs.
DC Icon PM SE Radar Deployable radar
Small portable radar station that once deployed, relays all tactical information to the command APC.

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The Phoenix Mercenaries faction is exclusive to Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy