GameIcon GC2
GC2 UIcon Penetrator Hun'muh
GC2 Ingame Penetrator
Penetrator centruroid
Faction GC2 Logo Virons Viron Nomads
Armament Chitin nano-spike
Cost 950
Cargo space 3 cargo spaces
Melds into Hellfire centruroid
Field characteristics
Hitpoints 300
Armor 50/20/0/0
Speed 10
Sight range 120
Damage 30-60 (120)

The Penetrator centruroid, or Hun'muh in Viron, is the Viron's equivalent to a main battle terradyne. The Penetrator is armed with a very powerful cannon used to deal with any ground threat, be it infantry or vehicle. As the Hun'muh lacks dedicated anti-infantry weapons, Corruptor or infector clanguards are recommended to complement this unit against a massive infantry force.

Two Penetrators can be melded into a Hellfire centruroid.


The Penetrator is the Viron Nomads' main armored centruroid. The unit is a very direct and brutal way to deal with enemy units, especially heavily armored targets. The unit fires a single nano-engineered chitin spike, heated to near cataclysmic temperature. The nano-spike easily penetrates armor up to 200 cm thick. The energy released when the hyper-velocity nano-spike hits its target is equal to that of a small nuclear detonation. Two Penetrators can be melded to create an even more powerful unit—the Viron Hellfire centruroid.

Secondary modeEdit

GC2 UIcon Penetrator Secondary Precision mode
In its secondary mode, the Penetrator is capable of shooting at a greatly increased range. In order to fire accurately, the unit becomes immobile. It requires forward observers to fully utilize its increased range.

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