GameIcon DC
GC Icon PM Air 3 SMND-1200/A Imp
DC Ingame Imp
Swarm aerodyne
Faction DC Icon Phoenix Phoenix Mercenaries
Squad size 6 swarm aerodynes
Field characteristics
Firepower Low
Armor Low
Health Good
Speed Excellent
View range Great
Stealth Extreme
Perception Very good
Tech level 7
Special abilities
Weapons DC Icon PM SW Death From Above Death from Above
DC Icon PM SW Particle Accel Particle accelerator
Equipment DC Icon PM SE Rocket Air Rocket
DC Icon PM SE Defender Aero defender gun

The SMND-1200/A Imp is the swarm aerodyne of the Phoenix Mercenaries. The Phoenix swarm is a group of small one man fighters with high stealth and speed but almost no armor. Their weapons are weak but attack in a large mass to quickly wear down an enemy.


The Phoenix Swarm aerodynes are piloted by the most daring Phoenix soldiers on Crim-12. The swarm consists of very small one-man planes with less armor than even the scouts. Because of their speed and maneuverability, the swarm travels in large numbers and weaves a complicated pattern around each other. They carry the lightest possible weapons and count on their combined firepower to take out their targets. Once their numbers dwindle they do become less of an offensive force, but given enough time, they can whittle down large targets.


Special weaponsEdit

DC Icon PM SW Death From Above Death from Above
Does a large amount of damage to a single ground target.
DC Icon PM SW Particle Accel Atmospheric particle accelerator
Damages all air units within its target area.

Special equipmentEdit

DC Icon PM SE Rocket Air Rocket
Similar to ground units rocket boost, the aerodyne has incredible speed for a short time with little actual control.
DC Icon PM SE Defender Aero defender gun
A version of the defender gun is centered on this unit to protect it.

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The Phoenix Mercenaries faction is exclusive to Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy