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First Stellar War

Second Stellar War
Start date

October 5, 2699


Outer Sphere

Nefilim 3-1-7


Ongoing (as of 2741)

  • Majority of NSA worlds conquered by Terrans
  • NSA fleet annihilated
  • Remaining NSA personnel escaped through galactic barrier via CSS Astrid
GC2 Logo NSA Northern Star Alliance
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GC2 Logo Terrans Terran Empire
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Repel the Terran invasion Conquer the Outer Sphere
GC2 Logo NSA Aranis Warhurst
GC2 Logo NSA Douglas Grant
GC2 Logo NSA Michelle LaCroix
GC2 Logo NSA Jacob Angelus
GC2 Logo Virons Drahk'Mar
GC2 Logo Virons Khau'Nir
GC2 Logo Terrans Marcus Augustus
GC2 Logo Terrans Vlaana Azleea
GC2 Logo Terrans Dracus
GC2 Logo Terrans Cezarus
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The Second Stellar War began on October 5, 2699 with a full-scale invasion of the Outer Sphere systems by the Terran Empire's fleet.

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