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Empire of Terra
GC2 Logo Terrans
Political information
Type Militaristic interstellar empire
Leader(s) Emperor Marcus Augustus
Military Imperial Forces
Societal information
Capital Terra Prime
Historical information
Conflicts First Stellar War
Second Stellar War


The Empire of Terra, commonly known as the Terran Empire, is a totalitarian interstellar empire based in the Inner Sphere. Founded as the successor to the Draconis Empire sometime in the late stages of the First Stellar War, it is aesthetically based on the ancient Roman Empire from Earth.

The Terran Empire is the antagonist faction of Ground Control II's singleplayer campaign, but is not a playable faction. The military branch of the Terran Empire is the Imperial Forces.


The Terran Empire, a relatively new empire formed out of the ashes of the old mega corporations, is driving an iron-willed offensive against the outer colonies and is now severely threatening the NSA home planet, Morningstar Prime. The goal of the Terran Empire is to reconquer the outer colonies and reunite mankind at all costs. The end justifies the means, and this surely means the end for Morningstar Prime.

The Imperial military relies on advanced technology, using heavy hoverdynes, lethal plasma weapons, and a seemingly endless supply of fresh legionnaires. It is also capable of bringing down heavy orbital bombardment from its orbiting star cruisers.

Emperor Marcus Augustus has entrusted to his most ruthless and successful agent, Imperator Vlaana Azleea, the task of bringing Morningstar Prime into the Imperial fold.

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