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This is a composite timeline of all the events that occurred in the Ground Control universe.

Pre-Battle of KrigEdit



  • An apocalyptic cult is formed by a group of Christians, which would later evolve into the Order of the New Dawn.


  • March 27: Humanity is almost wiped out in the nuclear holocaust that is the Sixteen Minutes War. Hundred of millions were instantly vaporized, and dozens of cities were destroyed.
  • Beginning of the Age of Chaos, or Dark Years. Earth's surface is almost uninhabitable with heavy amounts of radiation and its atmosphere is covered in a global nuclear winter,


  • The Order's underground shelters were opened to aid and convert the billions of refugees on the irradiated surface.


  • The Order of the New Dawn first emerges from the nuclear fallout shelters and begins to rebuild the civilized world.
  • This marks the end of the Dark Years and the beginning of the Reconstruction Era.



  • Heresy Wars: the Order's Pax Dei battled corporate troops on and off until a unilateral ceasefire was signed in 2177.
  • 2162: Crayven Construction, a construction company based in Australia, is founded by Reno Crayven. It is jointly owned by Crayven, Schindler and Beck.
  • Crayven Construction is later restructured into the Crayven Corporation, after Reno Crayven bought out his partners in a bitter takeover struggle.


  • 2178: The Crayven Corporation applies for membership in the GCC.
  • The Crayven Corporation builds the Kenji Arcology on Okinawa, the Sunrise Cathedral in Monterrey, and the Domed Gardens in Mars.


  • The FTL-Drive is created, enabling mankind to begin the colonization of space. Travel distances of up to ten light-years/day are achieved, but the FTL technology cannot be used to leave the outer ring of the Milky Way galaxy.


  • Reno Crayven is diagnosed with rare and terminal form of bone cancer.


  • Reno Crayven passes away on Mars in his Domed Gardens.


  • Sarah Parker is born in the Chicago district, Crayven Holdings.


  • Jarred Stone is born in the Rosario Sanctuary, Buenos Aires district.


Battle of Krig (2419-2420)Edit

Dark ConspiracyEdit

Stellar WarsEdit

2501-2699: Age of SilenceEdit


  • October 5: the Terran Empire launches a full-scale invasion of the Outer Sphere, triggering the Second Stellar War.
  • NSA worlds were faced with orbital bombardment followed by the landing of a huge occupation force.


  • Ariel Prime is the first planet to fall to Terran occupation.
  • 2714: Jacob Angelus is born in Victoria City, Morningstar Prime.
  • 2728: The entire NSA space fleet is wiped out after a decisive battle by the Terran Empire.
  • Majority of NSA worlds fall to Terran control by the end of this period.


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