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Angelus: The Terrans have a supply convoy that comes through this part of the city once a month. It supplies their entire garrison here with food.
Rho: And we're gonna take it out?
Angelus: We're certainly going to try.

Tutorial Mission 2

Tutorial Mission 1



Newstone, Morningstar Prime

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  • Rho must survive
  • Stop the convoy

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Tutorial Mission 1 is the first of the two tutorial missions of Ground Control II: Operation Exodus.


The Terrans have a resupply convoy passing through part of this city once every month. Jacob Angelus and his team are ordered to destroy it to deny food for the Terran garrison in Newstone.


Follow the guide and this mission should be easy. It is very hard to fail in this mission, Only the death of rho or the engineer will cause the mission to fail.


  • The furniture seen during the briefing is the only time when you see buildings have things in them.
  • This is the first time the cats appear in a mission. They can be seen again in mission 1, 4 and 10.


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