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GC2 Logo Virons
Political information
Type Bipedal humanoids
Clan-based society
Leader(s) G'Hall (Clan Kre'haz)
Drahk'Mar (Clan Hroag)
Khau'Nir (Clan Haxduum)
Affiliation Northern Star Alliance
Terran Empire
Societal information
Capital Ragnorak Nebula (formerly)
Historical information
Conflicts Second Stellar War

The Virons are a reclusive race of bipedal creatures who lived in a planet in the Ragnorak Nebula. They are anatomically different from humans in that they breathe zethane gas instead of oxygen.

Viron society is organized into clans, where each clan is ruled by a spiritual and military leader called a Vi'Cath.

The Virons were first discovered by Sarah Parker some point in the 25th century after the Battle of Krig. After first contact, the Virons resisted all efforts at diplomacy.

Viron languageEdit

Virons communicate in a spoken language with a syntax different from human English. For example, when referring to a person with a title, the name always precedes title. For this they refer to Jacob Angelus as "Angelus Captain".

Here is a list of all known translations from Viron to English:

  • Cai'Vi - human
  • Rei'Sah - assault pod
  • Vi'Cath - clan leader

Known clansEdit

Of the seven clans that make up the surviving Viron race, three have been encountered in Ground Control II:

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