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GC Icon OND Scout W/SAH-4 Apus
GC Ingame Apus
Scout hoverbike
Faction GC Icon Order Order of the New Dawn
Armament SourKodd 8Bx10 BerZerk pulse laser
Armor Polysteel-15 armor
Squad size 4 scout hoverdynes
Field characteristics
Firepower Low
Armor Low
Health Medium
Speed Great
View range Good
Stealth Good
Perception Good
Tech level 1
Special abilities
Weapons GC Icon OND SW Electro Dagger Electro dagger
GC Icon OND SW Electro Field Electro field
Equipment GC Icon OND SE Repair ADPP repair module
GC Icon OND SE Mine Anti-tank mine

The W/SAH-4 Apus is the scout hoverbike of the Order's forces. Recon hoverbikes have excellent speed and perception, but are lightly armed and are only armed with a light pulse laser.


The one-manned W/SAH-4 hoverbike is mainly used for scouting purposes even though its turret-mounted pulse laser can engage both enemy infantry and terradynes. When used in combat encounters, it is usually deployed for hit-and-run strikes, relying on its speed and maneuverability to remain unscathed. The pilot’s modified Crusader armor is wired into the powerful sensors fitted to the hoverbike blessing him with an extremely detailed image of the surrounding terrain and elements. The hoverbike is armored with light polysteel-15 and is not suitable for frontal assaults against enemy assault terradynes.

The Apus is powered with a Mk.IV Durfire Advanced Grav Engine with four titanium plated outlets, with the back turbines providing momentum and the two front outlets controlling the direction. Advanced targeting and visual enhancing equipment is standard on the Apus, strengthening its scout role.

The hoverbike’s primary weapon - the SourKodd 8Bx10 “BerZerk” - is a light pulse laser mounted on a small turret located behind the pilot with full 360 degrees movement. Its targeting system is somewhat limited in targeting fast moving aerodynes. A RamTech minelayer unit can be fitted to the rear chassis at the Field Commanders discretion, giving it a secondary defensive role


Special weaponsEdit

GC Icon OND SW Electro Dagger Electro dagger
The electro dagger sends forth an extremely concentrated electro discharge that is designed to penetrate heavy armor. 3 charges.
GC Icon OND SW Electro Field Electro field
The electro field is an area effect variant of the electro dagger designed to wipe out concentrations of enemy infantry. 3 charges.

Special equipmentEdit

GC Icon OND SE Repair ADPP repair module
Tools and software for minor field repairs to armor plates and vital systems. 3 charges.
GC Icon OND SE Mine Anti-tank mine
Deploys anti-tank mines. 3 charges.

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